About The Broomwagon

Our modern version and idea of The Broomwagon is simple. To provide a hassle free, fully supported cycling holiday or trip!

We will collect you and your bike along with your baggage and transport them to our cycling destination. With the Broomwagon on hand, we can offer guided or fully supported cycling trips so all you have to concentrate on is enjoying the cycling.

The Broomwagon

The Broomwagon is a brand new Renault Trafic Sport van, which seats 5 people in comfort. It has full A/C with touch lighting and USB double charging points.

It has all the mod cons as you’d expect with a modern vehicle and is also equipped with an electric cool box for a cold drink during or after your ride, or maybe a cold beer!

Van Capacities

  • 14 bikes (10 inside plus 4 on rear tow bar)
  • 5 bike boxes plus baggage for airport runs to either London Heathrow or Gatwick.
  • I also have a 14 foot trailer that has a 40 bike capacity.
  • Leaving you hassle free to just turn up and ride, without the need to dismantle your bike.

Where does the name come from?

The Broomwagon is the name for the vehicle that follows a cycling road race “sweeping” up stragglers who are unable to make it to the finish within the time permitted. If a cyclist chooses to continue behind the broom wagon, he ceases to be part of the convoy (and the race), and has to follow the usual traffic rules and laws.
In the Tour de France the vehicle used was traditionally a Citroën H Van. The expression “Broomwagon” is a translation of the French, voiture balai, and it was seen first at the 1910 Tour.