Electric Bikes

Do you not feel strong enough to keep up with your friends?

Perhaps feeling left out on certain rides?

Would you like to ride faster up a hill or a long mountain climb? Are you training for a specific challenge or event?

Would you like to ride with your partner but feel like you can’t keep up?

You might just be up in years and feel like you want to ride like you used to, or with age, you’ve lost some fitness and power.

It’s possible you may be recovering from an injury or illness, and need some help getting back up to speed.

Then an E-Bike (Electric Bike) could be just what you need, with many health benefits as like riding a regular bike. Cycling can improve your overall fitness and wellbeing, improving your heart and brain functions. Along with social and psychological benefits. Great for joint movement and even just getting from A to B, or cycling to work or the local shops.

An Electric bike can offer you everything a regular bike can, along with the main benefit of a battery to give you that extra help and power just when you need it. They come in the same regular shapes as a road bike, a mountain bike and hybrid except with a fitted rechargeable battery pack. Legally they are limited to 15mph.

There are organised guided cycle tours riding E-bikes, around the beautiful countryside of the Chilterns, (Cotswolds available too)! Take the strain out of cycling up hills with these easy to use E-bikes. Don’t be fooled you still get a workout as there are 3-5 setting options. Be met in Henley on Thames and have a wonderful guide cycle with you off the beaten track, exploring Mid summer Murders, famous Film set like Turville where The Vicar of Dibley was filmed or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! Some history thrown in around world war 2. Take in a local vineyard and brewery, of course a visit to this area wouldn’t be the same without visiting a working Farm and a local pub.

Broomwagon can arrange to hire for a half or full day, a great way to demo one before you buy. Or rent one over a weekend or a week.

Rent from £75 a day.

Rates vary depending on the model.
Discounts available for quantity and days rented.

Contact Mark on Mobile: 07940 187925